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Metastasis of Malignant tumors

Metastasis is the spread of tumors by invasion so that discontinuous secondary tumors are formed at the site of lodgement. This is the characteristic by which malignancy is different from benign tumors because benign tumors do not metastasise. Malignancy of Cancers spread to distant sites through the following pathways: Lymphatic pathway: Generally carcinoma metastasize through …

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THALASSEMIAS are the group of hereditary disorders of hemolysis characterized by an imbalance in the synthesis of Globin chains of hemoglobin. Hemoglobin contains 2α and 2β globin chains. The synthesis of individual chains is coordinated in such a way that both chains combine. Defects of Thalassemia: Deletion or substitution of genes. mRNA gets unstable. Defective …