Health Benefits of Cardamom


Scientific name of true Cardamom is Elettaria cardamomum and that of black Cardamom is Amomum subulatum.  Leading producer of Cardamom in the world is Guatemala along with other major producers like Sri Lanka,  India, Indonesia and Nepal.

The Antioxidant properties of black Cardamom has a strengthening and nourishing effects on hair follicles that boosts the Health of scalp. In order to get the best results,  hair should be washed with Cardamom water before shampooing.

Due to the Diuretic properties, it increases volume of urine and helps excretion of higher levels of Na and K ions and relaxes blood vessel walls and helps decrease BP. It combats infection and helps to reduce the possibility of UTI. It helps cleanse the urethra by removing accumulated calcium, urea and other toxic substances.

Black Cardamom is used to treat ischemic heart disease. The seeds activate it’s Antioxidant enzymes and demonstrate the Antioxidant activity in the liver and protects the liver.

The substantial Benefits of both the types Cardamom for our digestive system and the GI tract helps in reduction of gas formation and bloating and maintains the gut microbiome.

Cardamom has a power of treatment of sleep trouble. Inhalation of the sweet and soothing aroma of Cardamom oil may prove beneficial to treat sleep issues like insomnia,  restlessness and anxiety.


Drinking Cardamom tea helps in reducing diabetes to a considerable extent.  It’s Anti – inflammatory properties and Hypolipidemic properties helps in regulation of blood glucose levels.

Black Cardamom helps in treatment of respiratory problems like asthma,  lung contraction problems and provides relief in cough and cold.

Black variety is used to remove toxins from the body.  It is an excellent remedy for treatment of mouth sores and helps to neutralize toxins when the mouth smells terrible. Since it is rich in Vitamin C , it keeps our system free from toxins and improves blood circulation.

Black variety reduces the probability of blood clot and check BP and acts as a shield by protection from heatstroke in summers.

Black Cardamom is packed with aromatic fragrances and helps to increase appetite and curing headaches, relief of mental stress and works wonders for the body.

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