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Fungal,Bacterial infection in the groin and it’s treatment

Fungal,Bacterial infection in the groin and it’s treatment : Causes Those who avoid regular bathing can lead to build up of strong foul smell due to accumulation of dirt,  dead epidermal cells and sweat.  This smell can spread to the towels and used clothes. Sweating in the groin area attracts fungus and bacteria that can …

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Stem Cells

Stem Cells Application

Stem cells are ubiquitous, pluripotent and primitive cells having capacity to self renew and multilineage differentiation. Types Embryonic stem cells: originate from the inner cell mass of the blastocyst. Adult stem cells: originate during ontogeny and maintain tissue homeostasis. Induced pluripotent stem cells: originate from somatic differentiated cells after transduction. Sources Resident stem cells: present …

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Formation of Cholesterol & methods of reduction

Acetyl-CoA is the source of all carbon atoms in Cholesterol. Cholesterol formation from Lanosterol takes place in the ER membranes. Methyl groups are removed from it to form 14-Desmethyl Lanosterol and then to form Zymosterol. Then double bonds are removed sequentially to form Cholestadienol then Desmosterol [24-dehydro Cholesterol] and the double bond of the side …

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Metastasis of Malignant tumors

Metastasis is the spread of tumors by invasion so that discontinuous secondary tumors are formed at the site of lodgement. This is the characteristic by which malignancy is different from benign tumors because benign tumors do not metastasise. Malignancy of Cancers spread to distant sites through the following pathways: Lymphatic pathway: Generally carcinoma metastasize through …

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BENEFITS OF PISTACHIOS Pistachios are power packed with Antioxidants like lutein, β carotene, zeaxanthin & γ tocopherol and prevent cell damage by lowering the free radicals. These are excellent sources of healthy unsaturated fatty acids and protein fibers and also multi vitamins and minerals like phylloquinone, pyridoxine, folic acid, thiamine, potassium, calcium, manganese, copper, phosphorus, …


herd immunity


HERD IMMUNITY is the ultimate level of resistance to a particular disease acquired by a community or population or a group of people. It is actually a group protection beyond what is affordable by the protection of immunized individuals. Frankly speaking, it is actually not possible to achieve cent percent HERD IMMUNITY to control an …




THALASSEMIAS are the group of hereditary disorders of hemolysis characterized by an imbalance in the synthesis of Globin chains of hemoglobin. Hemoglobin contains 2α and 2β globin chains. The synthesis of individual chains is coordinated in such a way that both chains combine. Defects of Thalassemia: Deletion or substitution of genes. mRNA gets unstable. Defective …